Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Switching It Up, Dreckly. All In About Cornwall!

Time to switch up the rules on my Research Project on Cornwall! Brits, Aussies, and the rest of the family, jump in and tell them about Cornwall!!!!

Where is it? What is it? How do you know? What's better about it than any other place on the planet? Where, other than Cornwall, can you find these 'ansome Cornish folks? What's that picture on the left mean anyway? Why are all those boats lying on their sides below? Lazy, are they? Or is there another reason? Tell us! Tell us today!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

Good Morning, World!

Thanks to everyone for being so understanding during my absence. After nearly two weeks in the hospital, and often being in dire medical circumstances, my father has rallied and appears to be on the mend. At nearly-95-years-old, nothing is guaranteed.

Putting my life on hold for two weeks has made me more than two weeks behind in everything. I have semi-temporarily lost about 50 percent of everything, but also realize that it is buried under the mess in my house. In addition to carving a turkey at Thanksgiving, we will also be carving a path to get to the kitchen to roast it. We hope. Genealogy and my certification always have to come first!

So, I have to make this brief today so I can catch up on my work!

So today, I have a few research questions that I’d like you to answer for me, please. This is intended for those who have not lived in Europe, nor for anyone who specializes in genealogy in the United Kingdom.

Question #1: Geographically, without looking it up, where is Cornwall? 


Question # 2: Cornwall is _____. (Choose one or more from a - f below)

a). An island

b). A Country

c). A Province

d). A County

e). A Region

f). Other

Question #3: Can you name three facts about Cornwall?




I look forward to seeing many answers here. Thank you in advance!