Friday, December 6, 2013

DNA Update

Weeks ago, I began working on a blog post dealing with DNA and genealogy. I have continued to research it, but the intervening weeks have slowed me down while the amount of new information has been racing ahead of me.

Today, I read something on a favorite genealogy blog of mine, "The Legal Genealogist," written by Judy G. Russell, an attorney and Certified Genealogist, that seemed important enough to share. Here is the link:

You see, I was about to order tests from 23andMe for Christmas gifts. I made this decision based on the health part of the testing and not for genealogy reasons. Believe me, there was logic to all of this. However, after today's announcement from 23andMe, they will only provide the genealogical data until the legalities of the health data is worked out. For me, it means that I need to head back to the mall and find replacement gifts...