Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Legal Genealogist is Coming! The Legal Genealogist is Coming!

I am so excited! You see, just one week from today, on Saturday, the 26th of April 2014, this genealogy geek is going to be in heaven. No, this does not mean that I am returning to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. That was heaven combined with long hours of hard work. This kind of heaven is about the pure pleasure of enjoying someone else’s hard work. What I am talking about is happening right here in my own backyard, at the Denver Public Library’s Lower Level Conference Center, all thanks to my good, hard-working friends at the Colorado Genealogy Society who are bringing, Judy Russell, a.k.a, the Legal Genealogist, to town! She will be giving not one, but four, presentations at the seminar and I promise that you will regret it, if you don’t attend (unless, of course, you are in need of life-saving medical help during the seminar, which might be a slightly higher priority...maybe). 

If you have not read her blog, you are truly missing one of the best writers and often, one of the funniest people on Earth. You can check out her blog and even subscribe to it at From my genealogy-geek perspective, her citations are just fabulous, too.

It’s been a long time since I have seriously considered camping out for anything, but in this case, I may just do it, to be first in line on Saturday morning. 

You can register for the seminar online. Just go to: You can also print and mail the registration form, but hurry! The clock is ticking!  Kim Rogers is the seminar chair, so contact her and not me. I’ll be getting my camping gear together. Just be nice to Kim as this seminar is a lot of work. Kim’s email is and she has all the info.

If, heaven forbid, you cannot make it to the CGS seminar on Saturday (for reasons such as hospitalization in the ICU, being hit by a bus, or similar) on Friday night, Judy Russell is also giving a “free” program at the regular Colorado Genealogical Society meeting entitled, “No Person Shall .. Gallop Horses In the Streets -- Using Court Records to Tell the Story of our Ancestors' Lives.” This program is part of the CGS’ regular meeting, and will be held the evening before the seminar, at 7 pm on Friday, the 25th of April, at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 2300 South Patton Court in Denver. Even if you are not a member, you really should be consider joining if you have even the slightest interest in genealogy, because this is an awesome group. They are an awesome group even when Judy Russell isn’t speaking, but Judy will just put everything over the top next Friday evening. I can’t wait! I may be camping out in front of the church all day Friday, too...I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops on me...