Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thanks To My Big Genealogy Family!

Genealogy is about growing our families, which is something that I have always believed in. This is evidenced by the number of children I have collected over the years and by the number of siblings I now count, which is a staggering accomplishment considering that I am an only child. So today, I really have to thank my genealogy “brothers,” Thomas MacEntee and Randy Seaver, for helping me with what has quickly become my now, not-so-secret blog. To that, I have to thank my team of cheerleaders, for keeping me going when nobody could find my blog. I also want to thank my reader, John Sparrow, for suggesting that I provide a “Follow by Email” button to my page. It is now there, all shiny and new. 

Almost everything that I supposedly learned (or should have learned) in kindergarten is practiced my fellow genealogy bloggers. They play nice, help lunatics like me, and are far more likely to laugh with me than at me - which takes serious inner strength, let me tell you. Most of all, I like them back. So, do something nice for yourself and go to Geneabloggers at to check out all of the blogs written by these incredibly wonderful people. Can you believe that they even gave me a plug today? Really awesome people. You won’t be disappointed.

Now back to the World Cup and like all genealogists - reading player’s names on the backs of shirts and wondering about their genealogy.. Oh, and watching the matches, too, of course.